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Allingham, Merryn:
The girl from Cobb Street [1]

Richmond : Harlequin MIRA, 2015.
Aus dem Englischen
1938: Daisy Driscoll has been raised in an orphanage and is now struggling to make ends meet by working in London. At the outset of war, Daisy meets Gerald Mortimer and falls in love. Gerald is a cavalry subaltern in the Indian Army and is in London on leave. After his time with Daisy, he returns to India. Daisy, alone and pregnant. writes desperate letters to Gerald. Daisy's news reaches his Colonel's ears and Gerald is forced into marrying her. Daisy begins a new life with her husband but tragedy is about to strike.
5 Bände, englische Kurzschrift, BNA 19983

R 82

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