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Aitken, Ben:
The marmalade diaries

the true story of an odd couple.
London : Icon Books, 2022.
Aus dem Englischen.
When hunting for a room in London, Ben Aitken came across one for a great price in a lovely part of town. The catch was Winnie: an 85-year-old widow who doesn't suffer fools. The Marmalade Diaries tells the story of an unlikely friendship during an unlikely time. Imagine an intergenerational version of Big Brother, but with only two contestants. One of the pair a grieving and inflexible former aristocrat in her mid-eighties. The other a working-class millennial snowflake. This is a book about grief, friendship, loneliness, lockdown and marmalade.
12 Bände, englische Kurzschrift, BNA 20269

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