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Here you will find any relevant information if you want to use MakeBraille service as an agency.

What is MakeBraille and what is it good for?

MakeBraille is a professional web service for automated conversion to create music Braille files from MusicXML files and from capx files from Capella Software. MakeBraille has been developed by dzb lesen.

MakeBraille is available at

A short video for a general overview of MakeBraille can be found here:


MakeBraille is available to be used by agencies with a license fee.

What does a license include?

A license for MakeBraille includes two user accounts for MakeBraille tool. With the tool agencies will be able to transcribe music into braille, which can be used both for non-profit and commercial purposes. The license also includes the following information to start with the usage of MakeBraille:

  • Login information to MakeBraille,
  • Login information to Wiki area with extensive support information,
  • sample files,
  • a contact address to which technical problems can be addressed.

How long does a license be valid?

The licence fee covers the use of MakeBraille for one year.

How much does it cost?

The operation and continuous development of the software for the high-quality production of Braille music incurs costs. Therefore, there are costs for the use of MakeBraille for agencies. Use by end-users and private individuals is free.

The pricing model is on an annual base and depends on the licensee‘s country of origin and its World Bank's classification.

The standard annual costs are: 1.500 € net/year

The costs for one-person companies are reduced by 50%: 750 € net/year

Furthermore the annual costs depend on the licensee's country of origin and on the World Bank's classification:

  • High-income economies – 100% of the full fee,
  • Upper-middle-income economies – 60% of the full fee,
  • Lower-middle-income economies – 30% of the full fee,
  • Low-income economies – 15% of the full fee.

How do I get a license?

If you are interested in getting a license for MakeBraille, please just send a short message to We will then contact you and in order to set up a license agreement for MakeBraille.

Can I test MakeBraille before buying a license?

Yes, dzb lesen offers a three month trial period (one account), so that you can check if MakeBraille fits to your processes. If you are interested in a free trial, just contact us at


The Wiki for MakeBraille is available at The access to the Wiki is open, so you do not need any login information. The Wiki contains a user guide, documentation, information about how to use Capella software and a What's New section.


Please feel free to contact in any case of questions at


dzb lesen thanks the DAISY Consortium, funders and project team for supporting our development work in 2020 and 2021 through the DAISY Music Braille Project. For more information about the project see

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