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Highsmith, Patricia:

[11 Kriminalgeschichten].
London : Penguin Books, 1972.
Eleven is Highsmith’s first collection of short stories, an arresting group of dark masterpieces of obsession and foreboding, violence and instability. Here naturalists meet gruesome ends and unhinged heroes disturb sympathies.
3 Bände, englische Vollschrift, BNA 18221

R 82

Dieses Werk enthält 11 Titel:

  • The Snail-watcher
  • The birds poised to fly
  • The terrapin
  • When the fleet was in at mobile
  • The quest for blank Claveringi
  • The cries of love
  • Mrs. Afton among thy Green Braes
  • The heroine
  • The barbarians
  • The empty birdhouse
  • Another bridge to cross
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